what I can’t let go

Hey, it’s not even close to the end I’m not even dying don’t make me let go what I can’t let go won’t be you who decides its end See I’m not even dying so I won’t let go what I can’t let go let me fade away whenever I need to let me figure... Continue Reading →


Thinking About Things You Are Not Programmed to Think About

Only after a glass of iced café latte, I am starting to feel like myself again. That means I am facing yet another episode of existential crisis. I crave coffee at my lowest point and tend to eat healthily when everything is okay.  Clearly, many things are not okay at this moment. First, my novel... Continue Reading →

Curing social anxiety: The truth

I start to hate the study program now that I found out as someone who is studying sociology, you are expected to be able to solve the world's most severe illnesses. Every class I am attending is an outcry of injustice and inequality. We are trained to scrutinize the wrongs of the government along with... Continue Reading →

My Student, Misbah

Misbah is a third grader who is participating in our English class. Every week, he likes to come early. Whenever I was absent, he asked about my whereabouts. I could not come in the 2nd week of August. The 3rd week was canceled due to the independence day’s celebration. In the 4th week, Misbah wanted to welcome me... Continue Reading →


One fascinating thing about humans is our adaptability. And also, to what extent we like to pretend that we do not have it. On my fifth day in the new place, so far, I have not regretted moving here. Before I unpacked my boxes and bag, I felt embarrassed for bringing too many things. Three... Continue Reading →

Beware of Your Strength!

You know that sentence that you hear a lot in job interviews, “tell me your strength and your weakness.” Well, I always know that I have a lot of weaknesses. It will burn my brain if I should pick only one. I usually said, “I have too many weaknesses. While my strength is my ability... Continue Reading →

Eager Students and Amateur Educators

Only two weeks before my departure from this city, I got an interview invitation from the Non-Government Organization to where I applied for a volunteer position. I couldn't participate now because I will live in another city for the next two years. But I am happy regardless. I thought they got turned off by my... Continue Reading →

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